Mobile UI & Interaction Design, Branding

Momentz is a mobile app that makes it simple and fun for you and friends to bring shared life experiences together in one place. Take photos & videos and add friends to your moment, and Momentz will create a delightful looping video. Your moment continues to evolve and become more awesome as your friends add photos and videos.

I came on board to work on Momentz in its very early stages. I was responsible for developing the Momentz brand, as well as the interface design and interactions for the app. The client wanted to target the hip crowd of today’s generation. The app needed to feel cool and friendly, and bring users joy from using it. For the branding, I wanted to use the metaphor of your moments being stitched together. In the end, we agreed on a monogram M in this manner, to stand for Momentz. For the color palette, I went with a set of cool and bright blues and greens. The app’s structure and flow was already roughly wireframed for me when I started, so this is what I used as a base for what I needed to include in all of the screens. The client did however give me a lot of creative freedom as to how we would position and interact with elements on each screen. As with all products, Momentz is an evolving product that will likely change and improve with testing. Take a look below to see what we’ve accomplished so far.

Momentz Logo Design Momentz Color Palette Momentz Icon Design Momentz iOS App Design Momentz User Interface Design

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