Insta Poker

Mobile UI/UX Design, Web Design, Branding

Insta Poker is a mobile poker strategy game for iOS where players can get instant poker lessons from top poker pros who evaluate their every move.

Amos Barzilay and Gabi Zuniga, a two-man app building effort under the name of Gamoz Inc, came to me in need of a designer to work some magic across every aspect of their latest product and brand. When I came on board, Insta Poker was nothing but a developer hack. (Functional, but void of any design.) Amos and Gabi had an idea of where they wanted to take Insta Poker in terms of features, but it was up to me to create a beautiful design for the app and a beautiful experience for the user. For over two years I touched on every aspect of the product. From the app’s design, the website’s design, branding, business cards, stickers, patches, advertisements, the list goes on and on.

Insta Poker Logo Insta Poker iOS App Design Insta Poker Website Design

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