Web & Graphic Design

FundersClub is the world’s first online venture capital platform, where accredited investors can invest in pre-screened, private companies. They provide investors with access to the world’s most promising startups, and allow them to browse and screen investment opportunities through their easy-to-use web-platform.

When I started working for FundersClub, they already had an established company & product (original designs by the talented Kerem Suer). I was brought on board to design a myriad of things, including promotional materials for the company and also UI elements, screens, and illustrations for new features on the site. Many of the things I worked on at FundersClub weren’t the type of projects I typically work on. This required me to step out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions. The entire team was a pleasure to work with, and in the end we created some awesome work!

Designing at FundersClub FundersClub Badge Icon Designs FundersClub Icon Illustrations FundersClub Brochure 1 FundersClub Brochure 2 FundersClub Brochure 3

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