Calico Café

Branding, Web Design

Calico Café is soon to be Berkeley’s first cat cafe. They are passionately dedicated to finding homes for rescue cats while treating human visitors to a delightful coffee & tea experience. While these types of cafes first originated in countries like Taiwan and Japan, they are starting to gain a lot of popularity here in the United States.

My friend Lisa Tsubouchi, founder and certified cat lady at Calico Café, came to me in need of establishing a brand and visual identity for her company. Inspired by the elements from Miyazaki films, coffee culture in Japan, and of course cute cats, Lisa gave me a pretty good idea of where she wanted to take the brand. In turn, I came up with a logo, identity, and website that perfectly reflects the mission and feel Lisa was striving for.

Calico Cafe Logo Design Calico Cafe Logomark Calico Cafe Website Design

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